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    Conference & Awards 2019
    16th May
    Aston Villa Football Club, Birmingham

Awards Categories

Leading LGBT Organisation

For the housing organisation that has been a leading light in terms of LGBT inclusion. This could be a stand-out inclusion team or the organisation as a whole.

Leading BME Organisation

For the housing organisation that has made great strides in ensuring either their BME staff or residents feel included. It could also include work in the community and wider social impact.

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Best Diversity Scheme

For a housing organisation that has created a specific scheme or programme that helps to promote diversity and equality.

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Community Role Model

For someone who has done great work in their community to help with diversity and inclusion. This could be tackling hate crime or generally promoting the issues a diverse community faces.

Best New-Build Accessible Scheme

For the housing organisation with the best new scheme which is accessible for disabled people.

Lifetime Achievement

For the person who has been campaigning and working tirelessly for a long time in diversity issues.

Straight Ally Award

For the person who has been a friend to the LGBT community, despite not being LGBT.

Communications Award

For the organisation which has pushed diversity best practice around not only their own organisation but the wider sector.

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The Gender Equality Award

For the organisation who have made progress in either employing more women or increasing the levels of women to higher positions in the company.

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Best HR Policy

For the organisation which has implemented a specific HR policy or programme which encourages a greater diversity of applicant.

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Young People Awards

For the person who has worked to create a more diverse and inclusive community. Must be 30 years old or younger.

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Conference Sessions


Empowering Women in Housing

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BME Empowerment

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Creating Inclusive Workspaces

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